• Anna-Maria Sichani

    PhD Fellow

    Anna-Maria is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow (DiXiT ITN) at Huygens-KNAW and a Research Associate at King's Digital Lab. She holds a BA and an MPhil in Modern Greek Philology (University of Athens) and a MA in Digital Humanities (UCL) and she is currently completing her PhD in Modern Greek Philology at University of Ioannina (Greece). Anna-Maria's research interests, work experience and expertise intersect the changing materialities of literary culture, textual scholarship and scholarly communication with a particular focus on their related practices, politics and economics. She has collaborated with a number of Digital Humanities projects (Transcribe Bentham, DARIAH etc) and her skills include modelling, encoding and digital publication of textual materials, data architecture and ​analysis.


    Anna-Maria's contribution to King's Digital Lab focuses on the development and application of a sustainability and archiving strategy for Digital Humanities projects. She is also working on several aspects of digital scholarly editions such as project planning, iterative content design, data management, publication and dissemination strategies. She is also actively interested in Open Access, research infrastructures and digital pedagogy.